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the best part of me

is always you

3/30/10 10:41 am


because i cannot be an open book any longer.

10/12/09 12:39 am

I need change.

6/25/09 07:34 am

Everyone's treating Bianca's death like hot gossip. "How did she die?" "Did Bianca die? Is it true? How? What sickness?" "OMG I heard Bianca died?!?!" And when you nod and just say "yeah, it's true, she did", and say no more, they all look at you confused, with a "why isn't she telling us the good stuff, the stuff about how she suffered for a few months before passing on" look and when they realise you aren't gonna say shit they try their luck on someone else.

It's not hot gossip.

Yes, I'm talking about all you anonymous commenters, not so close friends, friends who obviously dislike me but still pretend to. Jeez ladies, some sensitivity would be nice.

4/16/09 12:16 pm

Bought this authentic Lacoste bag at $150 and letting it go for nothing below $130. Brand new and still in it's original packaging. It can fit A4 with ease, along with lots of other things. If you're interested, email me at paperdoll69@gmail.com or message me at 90691125 for more details. Mode of payment and collection can be discussed then.


3/14/09 06:10 pm

So I've done my fair share of cutting people on my friends' list. Please don't take offence if you were one of them. I just want to start writing about more personal and intimate things that are close to the heart. Now would be a very good time to use the words, "it's not you, it's me", because that's exactly what it is. Cheers kiddies.

11/6/08 08:45 pm - piss a girl off when Aunt Flow's about to visit, and this is what greets you

Award for "Most Shallow Person, 2008" goes to you- tiara, sash and all. Just run along and go live your pathetic excuse of a life. No matter how pathetic it may be, what with all your attention-seeking stunts, we need people like you around to keep making fun of. Hurray! Take care, bitch! Don't want you dying young, you see. No matter how much of a waste of the human race you are, you sure aren't a waste of space when it comes to getting entertainment.

Oh by the way, I know your secret.
You'll like the attention, right? :)

11/4/08 05:12 pm - public post - between the lines

You are a coward and know nothing but making choices that benefit you. I hope that if you grow up like that, that you grow up alone so no one else in the world will have a character like yours. I'm typing this here because I know you'll come here in hopes of seeing an update.

Well, there you go, insect.

9/30/08 07:45 pm - let's try this..

Post anything that you want here, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, what you think of me, your parents, boyfriend, anything. Just make it honest. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what others have to say.

Sorry I am an lj klutz I didn't change my comment settings initially but they're changed now, so anonymous comments can be left :>

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